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NEW PODCAST!!! A recap of ‘Oprah’s Life Class’ with and by DARRYL DINN!!!

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The Bitch: Andrew officially anoints Lisa Gail (Maiden Name: Allred) as the official Viral Video Queen of 2012 as Rebecca Black and Antoine Dodson glower in the corner. Also – a “haha I told you so” of Alberta’s marching army of dunces, The WildRose Party, a dissatisfactory “Final 3” episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Andrew’s list of the TOP 6 FEMALE-CENTRIC TELEVISION SHOWS TO PREMIERE THIS SEASON!

The Salad: Andrew is joined by comedian and star of “Masculathon” DARRYL DINN for a blessedly ambivalent recap of his experience at “Oprah’s Life Class” when it touched down in Toronto. O, how the mighty have fallen… SALACIOUS!!!

I forgot to post my modeling work for the Toronto Metro cover

Jamie Oliver - American Thanksgiving (by darryldinn)



I’ve dreamt being on the cover of @nowtoronto Should have been more specific to include my face #bodydouble #toronto #darryldinn


Enemy starring Toronto…and Jake Gyllenhaal and seconds of me

Finally posting this article from The Telegram last month.




SPIRITS: 642 Church St. come out for a good cause and some SPIRITS COMEDY. 

My first full length podcast interview. Thanks Ian!

N.L. performers/producers nominated for Canadian Screen Awards - The Telegram

“Out With Dad,” a web series starring Darryl Dinn of Labrador, is nominated for Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media, Fiction.